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  • 講師に任せる
  • 積極的に間違いの指摘をしてほしい
  • 会話を楽しみたいので、あまり指摘しなくていい







1. are
You said: Because some meetings is too long.

Correct: Because some meetings are too long.

2. meetings/at

You said: If I have two meeting on the same time...

Correct: If I have two meetings at the same time.


You said: My latest heads up about my husband should have an umbrella because the weather forecast tells it is raining today.

BETTER : The last time I gave someone a heads up WAS THIS MORNING. I told my husband to bring an umbrella because it is a rainy day today according to the weather forecast.


実用英会話6-1 Chapter1:Money Matters での指摘

You said: In Italy, all things *is* more expensive than Japan.

Better: In Italy, *everything* is more expensive than Japan.


You said: The hotel we stay cost an arm and a leg.

Correct: The hotel we *stayed at* cost an arm and a leg.

You said: I would like to go club.

Correct: I would like to go to clubs.


You said: I don't have eaten yet.

Correct: I haven't eaten yet.


You said: I must pay delivery pay.

Better: I must pay delivery charge.

You said: The store require the proof of purchase.

Better: The store requires a proof of purchase.


you said: My sister in law live in US.

correct: My sister in law lives in the US.


You said: Logan and Rose is struggling to make ends meet.

Better: Logan and Rose are struggling to make ends meet.


You said: Local charities is really effective for local people.

Better: Local charities are really effective for the local people.


You said: Local charities is struggling to make ends meet.

Better: Local charities are struggling to make ends meet.


You said: They need to help by local charities.

Better: They need to help the local charities.

(ちゃんと伝わってなかった。本当はLocal charities need to help them.と言いたかった。) 


You said: They are struggling make ends meet.

Better: They are struggling to make ends meet.


You said: Yes, I can go.

Correct: Yes, I usually go to secondhand shops.

You said: Yeah, I think I can do.

Correct: Yeah, I think I am handling our finances well.


You said: to GET IN COSMETIC



YOU SAID: If I won the lottery, little money I will share,I won the big money. will not share.

BETTER: If I had won a small amount of money from the lottery, I would share it with anyone but if I had won a lot, I will keep it to myself.


YOU SAID: If someone get a lot of money by the lottery I think a lot of money is changes the life.

BETTER: If someone won a lot of money from lottery, I think it would change his or her life.


You said:My husband vacation is Saturday.

Better: My Husband's Day off is on Saturdays.


You said: The mom dedicate her to keep her secret.

Better: The mom made her keep her secret of her motive.


You said: He sometimes domestic violence to her. She must give her money to him.

Better: In the novel, he sometimes abuse her and forced her to give her money.





  • 単数形・複数形に注意
  • 前置詞は難しい(都度確認)
  • 長い文章は話しているうちに自分が言ったことが分からなくなりがちなので、できるだけ短文で話した方がよい
  • そもそもの単語選びがあってない(練習あるのみ)